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Specs: 3000W 5000W 8000W
Hub Motor & Controller

3000w 48v QS 205 3T Hub Motor

Sabvoton SVMC 7280 Controller

5000w 72v QS 205 3T Hub Motor

Sabvoton SVMC 72100 Controller

8000w 72v QS 273  3.5T Hub Motor

Sabvoton SVMC 72150 Controller

Battery 48v 30Ah Panasonic Lithium Battery 72v 40Ah Panasonic Lithium Battery 72v 49Ah Panasonic Lithium Battery
Top Speeds* ~32+ MPH ~42+ MPH ~62+ MPH
Shimano Gear 1 Gears 1 Gears 1 Gear
Charger 3A Smart Battery Charger 5A Smart Battery Charger 5A Smart Battery Charger
Charge Time 10 Hour Full Charge Time 8 Hour Full Charge Time 9 Hour Full Charge Time
Color LCD Yes Yes Yes
Triple LED Bar Yes Yes Yes
Dual Hydraulic Disk Brakes Yes Yes Yes
Aluminum Front Shocks Yes Yes Yes
Hydraulic Rear Shock Yes Yes Yes
Carbon Steel Frame Yes Yes Yes
3" Wide Off Road Fat Tire Yes Yes



A Simple Solution To Years Of Struggle

Enter, The WILD-COYOTE ELECTRIC Dirt BIKE, the solution you've been searching for. What if you could have all of the fun of an electric mountain bike, coupled with the power if an electric dirt bike. With power and speed comparable to those of motorcycles and motocross bikes, this adult electric dirt bike, gives you the transition-less comfort of riding on paved streets, to riding in the dirt or sand with no hesitation. These electric bikes have 3 riding modes; and can be completely manual by pedaling ; Pedal assist, or fully electric (just using throttle.) All of our electric dirt bikes are optimized for off-road use and are trail rated for sand and dirt paths.   

Choose our  48v 3000w electric dirt bike for comfortable street riding and off road trails. This E-bike's closest comparable is to a Super 73 Electric Dirt Bike in terms of speed. 

Choose our 72v 5000w electric dirt bike for more power. Take on hills, and feel the power of Sahara-Bikes most popular model. This E-bike is comparable in top speeds and power to its counterpart, the Sur Ron Electric Bike.

Choose our 72v 8000w electric dirt bike if you are in search of something that is more than just a hobby. Our most powerful Wild Coyote model will blow away our competitors, and its closest comparable is to an Onyx Electric Bike. This is our best electric dirt bike.

Our adult sized E-bikes give our riders the best the market has to offer. Sahara Bikes is a trustable brand, that prides itself on using top rated, and high quality components. 

All Bikes Come with both motorcycle and bicycle style seats. 
21" Motorcycle Rims
* Top speeds are intended for off-road use only